TGT Studios is a small and highly specialized art studio on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


Following in the footsteps of my grandfather, a shipwright and mechanic who worked closesly with the Japanese fisherman of Steveston Village (at the now National Historic Site "Britannia Heritage Shipyard"), and my father who worked as a cabinetmaker in the same industry, my work draws from deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. This influence is clear in The River Series, a collection of handmade pieces that speak to the natural stillness, calm, and beauty of the area where I produce my pieces.

You can read more about my family history, dating back six generations, in Steveston BC here: "Miller Family History"

In addition to woodworking, I enjoy English Literature with a focus on British authors and metafiction. My work has been published in the "Hardy Review" (via The Thomas Hardy Association) in conjunction with Yale University.

-K. Miller





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