TGT Studios is a small and highly specialized art studio on the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, owned & operated by 3rd generation woodworker & artist Kyle Miller.

Following in the footsteps of his grandfather, a shipwright who worked closesly with the Japanese fisherman of Steveston Village at the now National Historic Site "Britannia Heritage Shipyard", and his father who worked as a cabinetmaker, Miller's work draws from deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. This influence is clear in The River Series, a collection of handmade pieces that speak to the natural stillness, calm, and beauty of the area where Miller produces his work.

Miller is also well-known for his handmade Nixie Clock Series, a showcase of old-world display technology, modern circuitry, and a unique anachronistic aesthetic.




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The National Museum Of Mathematics

Official Playstation Magazine

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Advanced Photoshop Magazine

GamesRadar Magazine


Snoop Dogg  

Richard Linklater's Detour Films

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Touch Of Modern

and many more.