TGT Studios is a small and highly specialized art studio on the west coast of Vancouver Island.


Following in the footsteps of my grandfather, a shipwright and mechanic who worked closely with the Japanese fisherman of Steveston Village (at the now National Historic Site "Britannia Heritage Shipyard"), and my father who worked as a cabinetmaker in the same industry, my work draws from deep roots in the Pacific Northwest. This influence is clear in The River Series, a collection of handmade pieces that speak to the natural stillness, calm, and beauty of the area that my family and I call home.

You can read more about my family history, dating back six generations, in Steveston BC here:

"Miller Family History"

In addition to woodworking, I enjoy English Literature with a focus on British authors, metafiction, and fin-de-siecle works. My academic work has been published in the "Hardy Review" (via The Thomas Hardy Association) in conjunction with Yale University and has been cited multiple times in other authorship.

Credits & Clients:

The Today Show 

Joe Rogan / The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors and SPACEX

The Billboard Music Awards

Republic Records 

MTV / MuchMusic

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation)

Multiple Grammy-Winning Clients & Music Video Contributions such as:

T-Pain, Chris Brown, Snoop Dogg, Dan + Shay, Lukas Rossi

The National Museum Of Mathematics

Blue Sky Hospitality LTD

 Official Playstation Magazine (US & UK)

Advanced Photoshop Magazine

 GamesRadar Magazine  

Richard Linklater's “Detour Films”

Enerji Lounge & Club

 Touch Of Modern

 The Filberg Festival


Multiple Print Anthologies