Happy Holidays & Steampunk Nixie Clocks!

Happy holidays everyone! I've been working like a banshee over here trying to get a bunch of commission pieces finished before the end of the year, and soon I will be releasing some non-commission work for sale! Added bonus: they're entirely new pieces! I've been working on some new designs for a line of Steampunk styled nixie clocks and I'm almost ready to release the first make into the wild. You'll be able to pick up the clocks from my Etsy store and my website storefront. The clocks are constructed from black walnut and finished by hand with tung oil and polyurethane for a deep lustre. Full programmable, you even get a bunch of backlight color combinations! Look for the clocks to be available just after New Years, with a price point of $900 + shipping. Here's a sneak peak:


New Inventory Coming - Goggles Plans!

Good news everybody! I'm releasing a set of goggles plans....for the goggles you can buy in my store! Soooooo if you've had your eye on a pair of my goggles but would like to take a stab at building them yourself (rather than pay me to do it!), you will have that option! Hurray, goggles abound! The plans will include step by step building instructions as well as where you can source all of the materials and how much you can expect to pay for each component. 

So if you want to save yourself a good chunk of change you can buy the plans for a flat $20 with free shipping. I've been meaning to add this option to my online storefronts (here, and Etsy) for awhile now and I should have the listing itself up shortly. The initial listing will be a preorder for plans as I'm currently in the process of developing them. The tentative release is the end of November. Digital delivery, PDF format. If you want to sign up for the preorder hit me at "tgtstudios@gmail.com" #yaheard


3 New Guitars In Progress

This month I've been working on a commission for three guitars, primarily in warm tones, for a new lounge opening up this fall. Two guitars are being done with a deep red burst with maple necks while the other is a natural purpleheart & maple combination. All three feature black walnut highlights, brass, copper, and custom etchwork, and in the case of the two red guitars, light effects. Here is a short gallery of the almost completed pieces....