Happy Holidays & Steampunk Nixie Clocks!

Happy holidays everyone! I've been working like a banshee over here trying to get a bunch of commission pieces finished before the end of the year, and soon I will be releasing some non-commission work for sale! Added bonus: they're entirely new pieces! I've been working on some new designs for a line of Steampunk styled nixie clocks and I'm almost ready to release the first make into the wild. You'll be able to pick up the clocks from my Etsy store and my website storefront. The clocks are constructed from black walnut and finished by hand with tung oil and polyurethane for a deep lustre. Full programmable, you even get a bunch of backlight color combinations! Look for the clocks to be available just after New Years, with a price point of $900 + shipping. Here's a sneak peak: