The first TGT Studios Nixie Clock was commissioned by a London-based hospitality firm. From there, Miller continued to develop his designs and now has a range of models available in the series. Each clock is handmade and no two are the same. Over 125 units have been produced as of 2016. 

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Nixie Tube Clock Series MKI

TGT Studios Nixie Clock Series MKI was the first clock produced by TGT Studios. 

Manuals can be viewed here: Nixie Clock Manual

Nixie Tube Clock Series MKII

 TGT Studios returned with a new addition to the Nixie Clock Series, the MKII. Citing demand for a smaller clock and more materials choice, the MKII was successfully launched in the summer of 2015.

Manuals can be viewed here: Nixie Clock Manual


The Volt Clock

In the summer of 2016, TGT Studios paired with PLD Designs to launch a new type of clock, The Volt. The Volt clock features  open source hardware and software. Limited edition.