Nixie Clock MKI - Walnut

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Nixie Clock MKI - Walnut

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TGT Studios renowned Nixie Clock Series premier model, the MKI. Featuring premium hardwoods and circuitry. As seen on the Joe Rogan Experience with Elon Musk.

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TGT Studios Nixie Clock Series blends old-world technology with modern components and wraps it in a retro-futurist package. Each piece is unique. Over 120 units made to-date, distributed worldwide.


I select all my wood personally, from rough stock, and process it no differently than I would material for a piece of fine furniture. All of my woods are chosen specifically for quality, figuring (where possible), and appropriateness of grain. Nixie Clock MKI units are available in solid black walnut, and solid purpleheart premium hardwoods. Electronics are handled by my affiliate in the UK, with all tubes coming from Ukraine and Russia.


A nixie tube is a cold-cathode low-pressure vacuum tube that lights a series of digit filaments surrounded by neon gas. A small electrical current is then passed through the tube, lighting the digit filament. Despite this constant electrical feed, since the tubes are classified as cold-cathode and therefore run at a very low temperature, there is no risk of overheating.

Nixie tubes utilize stacked filament numerals that create a very real sense of depth as the numbers change. Each number is its own filament and as a result the numbers jump forward and backwards within the tube. The tubes are controlled by a custom circuit board contained within a custom etched housing. The clock is controlled by four designated buttons on the rear of the unit (the knobs at the front do not perform a function and are ornamental). “Antennae” hardware may differ slightly from that shown.

The IN-12 Tubes and circuit board are not dependant on AC current and can be run in any country.


  • The clock can be easily programmed for time, including 24hr mode.

  • The clock also features a night mode (can be dimmed during nighttime hours).

  • The clock has a programmable alarm (beep only).

  • The clock has 3 separate RGB LED's installed, and they are fully configurable. This provides for over 700 different variants of backlight colour, which can be programmed for every hour of the day.

  • GPS auto-set is available with an external module, but is not necessary for operation. GPS automatically syncs time via satellite radio time.

TGT Studios Nixie Tube Clock Package includes:

  • 1 - Handmade clock, approximately 14” x 10” x 5”.

  • 1 - AC adaptor for your specific country (CAN/US, EU, UK or AUS),

  • 1 - Set of Print Instructions For Operation.

  • 1 - TGT Studios Brand Plate featuring Studio Name and Artist Signature.

  • This clock is made to order, CURRENT WAIT TIME IS 2-3 WEEKS.


All units are shipped via priority service and come with full insurance and tracking, worldwide. Worldwide shipping time approximately 5-7 business days.