River Series Triptych Set - Black Walnut #16

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River Series Triptych Set - Black Walnut #16


"And it can change in shape and form / But never change in size / Well, the water, it runs deep, my darling / Where it don't run wide” 
- Joanna Newsom

TGT Studios River Series Triptychs blends the traditional with the contemporary, and the natural with the modern. Clean lines and organic materials combine to create a flowing wall piece; the live edges of the locally sourced hardwood flow gently underneath a hand-cut glass river. Each set is one of a kind, each set is unique.

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TGT Studios River Series Triptychs - Black Walnut Edition

Three handmade 15.5" x 16.5" x 2" panels, matched for a continuously flowing set.

  • Each set is unique, with a glass "river" determined by the natural live edge of the hardwood.

  • Locally sourced Black Walnut from world renowned Vancouver Island, BC; milled and dried at TGT Studios.

  • Custom fabricated solid aluminum frame, powdercoated.

  • Hanging hardware mounted directly onto frame. (Reversible; frame has hanging hardware mounted on top and bottom.)

  • Sets are specifically sized to be mounted directly onto studs while maintaining a gap between panels.

  • Total set weight: approximately 40lbs.